Anual Conference 2016 Programme
Annual Conference of the German Pacific Society 2016
in Arnstadt June 24-26; 2016
The Programme of the Annual Meeting 2016

Friday, June 24 - 2016

6.00 pm


8:00 pm

Meeting of the Members of the Pacific Sciety - "the new board"
Special Invitation!

9:00 pm

we will show the movie "Being Bruno Banani"

Welcome! - Get Together - Get to know!

Saturday, June 25 - 2016

9:00 am Opening Ceremony
    (the lectures will be in German)
9.15 am Norbert P÷tzsch:
The "old" Tonga is gone, but... - Young Tongans in the daily negotiation process
10:00 am Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wendt:
The European graveyard in Neiafu, Vava'u
10:45 am   Coffee break
11:15 am   Prof. Dr. Hermann Hiery:
Germany in the Pacific today
12:00 am   Discussion
12.30 am   lunch break
2.00 pm Jason Wagner
Natural Medicine in Tonga
2:45 pm Dance break
by Sina & Atelanio
3:15 pm Coffee break
3:45 pm Guided City Tour "Arnstadt"
6:30 pm Dinner break
7:30 pm Pacific Night "Tonga and the South Seas"
Tongan and Samoan dances by Sina & Atelanio / Faausu & Falefatu



Sunday, June 26 - 2016

8:00 am


9.00 am


9:30 pm

Review and Preview (open member meeting)

10.15 am

Ibrahim Peyon
Human Rights in West Papua

12.00 am

End of the Conference


Place of the meetings: Hotel "Zur Krone", Am Bahnof 8, D-99310 Arnstadt

Guests are always welcome! (Ticket 45 Euro)

German version of the program