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     Welcome to the new websites of the Pacific Society in Germany
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WEBSITE in German: "Deutsch Pazifische Gesellschaft" (since 2004)

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  Annual General Meeting of the Pacific Society - June 24 to 26

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About the society:

We are an independant society. (NGO). Our organisation was founded as "German Melanesian Society" in Munich, Bavaria 29th or March in 1974 by Dr. Dr. Friedrich Steinbauer. Soon after it became the German Pacific Society. The name was changed because there was no other organiation at this time covering up the whole Pacific area.

Dr. Dr. Friedrich Steinbauer was the long term president of the society and his ideas and spirit is still living among our members. He is standing for the interdisciplinary character. We are showing the history and existing situation in the Pacific without any bias or tendency. We are offering a basis for different opinions.
If you agree to the statutes of the society you are welcome to be a member.  > Antrag

New: "Pacific membership rules" offers free membership for friends in the Pacific area!  Pacific membership

We are a non profit organisation. Non of our members including the members of the board can take special advantages through the society. The finance system is open and highly controlled by the members. Currently we are not receiving any financial support from the public or private sector. Nevertheless we are welcoming any support. Please contact us if you wish to support the society. (

The board of the Society 2016:
Manfred Aßmann (president) - Daniel Jason Wagner (vice president) - Joachim Müller (technical support) - Hartmut Krüger (cashier) - Olepa Schoch (Secretary)

Bank Account: Postbank München
IBAN: DE03 7001 0080 0030 0518 05


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